We know how you feel.

We have been there.

As practice owners, we have experienced the challenges you are facing. We have been in your shoes, and have felt the struggles of owning a business. We have found real world solutions to the most common challenges you are facing right now. We want to improve the quality of your life, your relationships and your financial health. Let us share with you what we have learned, and the value of our collaborative strategies to get you where you want to be. Check out our services >

Find Yourself

Dr. Michael Rothschild

Dr. Michael Rothschild

Since we all occasionally lose sight of what is truly important in our lives, Mike Rothschild concentrates on the overall aspect of accomplishing your unique sense of well being.

He began his practice from scratch in his wife's rural hometown and enjoyed immediate practice success that multiplied for several years. This success took more and more time away from what really mattered in his life. More patients led to more staff, more equipment and more hours at the office. Not being able to do it all, Mike's practice began to suffer until he realized that he didn't know how to lead a team. 

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He studied leadership strategies from some of the most successful businesses in the service industry and successfully implemented them into his own practice. He learned the importance of systems, communication and teamwork to reach goals that he could never attain alone.

He now shares those experiences with doctors and their teams and has a unique ability to ask the right questions, to keep digging until he finds your individual "why". And it's different for everyone and most often it involves many aspects outside of the practice.

Mike Rothschild graduated from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis and was honored as an Outstanding Clinician. He lectures internationally on topics of practice management, leadership, contact lenses and ocular disease.

He practices in Carrollton, GA and married to Christy. They have two children.

Elevate Your Team

Dr. Amir Khoshnevis

Dr. Amir Khoshnevis

We have all experienced the struggles of managing staff. Dr. Amir Khoshnevis is no exception. 

Amir has two practices in metro Charlotte, NC. He lectures across the nation and is very active with many area practices. He is constantly on the move and juggles to keep all of the pieces moving.

With this level of activity, a strong staff is essential and Amir's team was running all over him. He had lost sight of who was doing what and there was a complete loss of direction. Amir dreaded facing any person on his team and had resentment for his choice to own a practice in optometry. 

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After taking a hard look at the source of his struggles, Amir took control. He let go of a good friend who was bringing the team down. A tough decision, but a pivotal one. He immersed himself in learning all aspects of professional development and team dynamics.

Today, Amir studies leadership styles and gets to know every person on his team. He knows what inspires them and why they care. He now knows what it takes to lead a team toward one mission. And today, he prides himself on having a dedicated, passionate team at Studio 20/20.

He now shares that team building insight and strategies with Leadership OD. He can show you how to make the worst part of leadership the best aspect of practice ownership.

Amir Khoshnevis graduated from Pennsylvania College of Optometry. He is a Vision Source Administrator and lectures on staff development, team building and culture of excellence.

He and his wife Brandee have three children.

Build a Financial Foundation

Dr. Mick Kling

Dr. Mick Kling

All practices struggle with their finances from time to time. In particular, poor practice cash flow creates a burden that not only affects the health of the business, but also impacts the emotional well being of the owner. Our relationship with, and perspective about money impacts just about every decision we make in our practices and our personal lives.

At LeadershipOD, Dr. Mick Kling focuses on strengthening our financial knowledge and perspective on money. His years of experience with the business side of the profession give him a unique perspective, but his true understanding of money comes from a place familiar to us all.

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In his early years, like most young practices, Mick's bills outpaced his income. The expenses kept growing as he put more and more back into his practice. He often struggled with where to turn, and realized that the financial stress at the office created tension with his staff, along with problems at home.

Mick was determined not to let the financial struggles at the office translate into difficulties with his family. As he began to study the emotional impact of money on his life, he realized that understanding our emotional view about money, and how it impacts our decisions, is critical to making good choices in both our personal and private life.

Mick runs his own private practice in San Diego, California. He is a graduate of Southern College of Optometry and completed a residency in ocular disease. He lectures and consults primarily on the financial aspects of eye care. He also performs practice valuation services for Leadership OD. He is happily married to his wife, Jen, and they have two boys, Robert and Ryan.

Build Relationships

Dr. Ted McElroy

Dr. Ted McElroy

In the huge industry of eye care, we sometimes feel like we get lost and are maybe not getting the attention we deserve. Dr. Ted McElroy, from rural Georgia, certainly has experienced this.

Since Ted's practice is not geographically convenient, the reps routinely dropped by at times that were good for them and often disrupted his day. Not sure what the expectations were, he decided to take control of his relationships with the industry and began by setting clear expectations with his reps.

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He found that they enjoyed much better connection and he was able to give them more attention. As a result, Ted was able to hear about advancements in the industry before many of his "big city" friends. This and his involvement with professional associations has grown into an expertise in alliance building with those businesses we constantly deal with.

He now shares with members of Leadership OD methods to take control of those relationships and continue to build on them.

Ted McElroy, OD, founded Ted A. McElroy, OD, PC in Tifton, GA. He is married to his wife, Kristin, and the father of twin boys.

Create Solutions

Mr. Asher Lewis

Mr. Asher Lewis

Have you ever noticed that optometrists tend to "think alike?" Asher Lewis excels at bringing a fresh, unique outside perspective to the table, and with it, genuine solutions to many of the challenges we face in our practices.

Asher is a Solutions Specialist who has consulted with a broad range of organizations - from start-ups to small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. His expertise is leveraging technology and software to invent creative solutions; transforming great ideas into profitable products, and ultimately, helping businesses become more efficient, competitive, and profitable.

Through his journey with a wide array of clients, he is able to discern the many similarities of our struggles, and communicate how to overcome those challenges with a real, down-to earth approach.

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To excel in any business, you must find ways to deal with the team, manage the finances and live in a way that the business serves the owners instead of the other way around. Understanding theses concepts, Asher and his team create applications designed to help us better understand and manage our practices. He is also available for consultations on incorporating new technologies into our practices.

Asher Lewis graduated from Texas A&M University, and is a partner of Silver Glade LLC, a custom software development and web consultancy. He lives in San Antonio, TX with his wife Jill and their two children.