Basic Fundamental #6 - Strive for a Stronger Team

To effectively build a strong team, you need to be committed to building individuals on that team. How do you "build individuals"? Building individuals involves all the tools to make them a strong member of the team. There is unlimited variety in what this means.

All practices that are successful have made a significant investment in the building of a strong team. Team building requires constant attention, much like marketing. With the best plan in place and a strong history, some neglect can go un-noticed for a little while, but will eventually catch up with you.

First is the need to create a "desire" to improve. 

I have never been disappointed when asking someone to commit to a self-improvement program. Because I wait until they are ready to receive.

Second, determine the needs of the individual as it relates to the team. 

A powerful tool is some form of a personality test. At LeadershipOD, we recommend CPT 260 or a free version,HOTS.  A tool trusted by some guest writers for LeadershipOD, including Carole Burns, is the Personality Plus. This forces people to take a strong look at themselves and hopefully demonstrates that others may do something better or that they have areas to improve.

Third, incorporate the programs. 

There are again many opportunities to guide individuals in this self- improvement. I've used 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Meta-MORE-Phosis and developed our own, The BluePrint. Participation in Optometry Meetings or local leadership seminars are also great opportunities.  The trick is to constantly find what people need and find a way to deliver it.

It is important that the programs you choose include information about finding entire life-work balance because personal influences cannot be fully separated. To be effective, we must offer the chance to help them find the balance.

Fourth, strive to put the best person in the best place to be most effective. Make everyone the best they can be, then put them in a position to shine. When this combination works well, a person will be fulfilled and give all they can for a long time. They will give with joy and always look for ways to make it better. However, making someone better and leaving them in a less than ideal situation will lead to unmet dreams and a desire for something else. Eventually, this will show with decreased results, defiance or the loss of a good employee.