Latest Developments from LeadershipOD

LeadershipOD has begun an in-depth study about the effectiveness of a long term and consistent marketing strategy.  As you recall, it was one of the Basic Fundamentals for Practice Success.  Of all the fundamentals, I feel this is where we are most inconsistent.  All of us. We can market ourselves and we have all had some success with this program or that.  But very few of us have developed a strategy to be consistent in our marketing and even fewer do a good job in following our plan for very long.  The truth is we get slow, run a reactionary promotion, get busy, and stop actively promoting our brand.

Primary Eyecare Network has recently commissioned me to a series of webinars about marketing that begin this Wednesday (3/28)  at 8:30 p.m. (Eastern Time).  It is titled, "Your Practice Personality" and is the first step in launching any branding efforts.

The other webinars in the series are "Creating a Balanced Marketing Strategy" (May 16) and "Building Loyalty with Internal Marketing" (July 25).  They are open to non-members and I would love to see you there.  Click here to register for the PEN Webinar.

We continue to make improvements and expansion to the  BluePrint.  This revolutionary program is really taking shape and continues to evolve.  We have made it easier to get started in the program and easier to explain to those on the team who just don't get it.  If you have been on the fence for a while with the BluePrint, please take the time to check it out again.

We have also been getting some exposure in the video world.  Look at these two videos recently released about some innovative things we are doing in the practice.  (Ignore the fact that I am wearing the same tie in both videos.)

  • "Getting Staff off to a Great Start" Video from MBA Program.  You will need a login and password to see this.  If you don't have one, it is worth signing up because it is full of great insight from a number of experts.
  • "Seeing the Big Picture" Video on the Review of Optometric Business website.  This shows a simple solution to a big problem for me.  I like to spread it all out to get the big picture, EHR made it harder for me to do that.  Now I can again, find out how.

Loophole Found in the King-Sized Snickers Crisis

Thank you all for your kind words of support at the mention of the loss of the beloved King Size Snickers.  Further research has led to some news about the Snickers that is both disturbing and some that is comforting.

First, this directive is straight from the top.  First Lady Obama is the one killing the King Size Snickers with her Let's Move campaign.  We all admire your drive to make Americans healthier, but keep your laws off my Snickers!

However - there is a loophole.  The Snickers 2 to Go has all 440 calories of its King Size predecessor.  It even has a convenient twist-able wrapper to save the second half for later.  "Later" means when you finish the first one.

King Size Snickers lives on.  Just a different name.........Good try, Mrs. Obama.

Remember, "You're Not You When You're Hungry"