What are you doing tonight?

Good afternoon, Tonight I am planning to attend a webinar by Justin Bazan from Brooklyn about social media. Justin is making a name for himself in the world of internet marketing mostly because he is not afraid to try unproven methods. I like that attitude.

Carrollton, GA and Brooklyn have their differences and so do Justin and I. But I have enjoyed keeping up with his progress and trying "some" of the things that he recommends as I continue to refine my own marketing balance.

So, I thought this would be a good time to share an update from Justin. Several months ago, I read an article that he wrote detailing his decision to make his Facebook page his primary web-site. I was intrigued, but not enough to try it myself yet. Mostly because I think that Facebook is the devil.

I had a chance to visit Justin's practice on a recent trip to SUNY College of Optometry. I asked how his experiment was going. Below is his answer. I hope this helps you find your own balance in this new marketing world.


Justin's response to the question, "So how's it going?"

Wow. Nothing but positive things has been happening since implementation.

Utilizing google voice has been wonderful. Our patients in the office are getting direct and uninterrupted care and service. There is never the need to say, "excuse me for a second, I have to answer this phone call". There is hardly ever the need to give somebody the finger, the #1 finger, signalling that I need one more minute to finish up this phone call and then I will be right with you. We have further reduced our front desk staff to 1 FT and 1 PT. With the use of email and txt confirmations, our no show rate is single digits.

The online scheduler has proven effective. Our patients are able to see all of our open spots. There is no more going back and forth to check availability. They simply see all of our open spots in real time. They are loving the fact that they can make appointments at anytime. We have seen so many people make appointment's during hours that we are closed...these might have been lost opportunities before we utilized our online scheduler.

Our facebook page and our yelp page web traffic has exploded. We have seen our fan base continue to grow. The reviews keep piling up. We are coming up on top of the google search results. Things have really just been awesome.