Moving Past "Old School" Conferences

I love practice management conferences.   I have been to a lot "traditional" conferences as both an attendee and as a speaker.  I always leave with some good ideas from the presentations I hear but mostly new ideas come from the conversations with other people in a situation similar to my own.

Do the ideas fit my "Vision?"

My vision is the master plan for why I am in practice in the first place.  What the final picture of my practice looks like.  My vision is where my time, my energy and my passion go.  Sometimes the ideas from the conference are a fit, and sometimes they would work if I put in the time and energy and more often than I like, the idea just stays an idea.

The typical sequence after an "old school" practice management conference is we leave with 100 new ideas that would make our practice better.  Most of them are scribbled on a notepad from the hotel.  We keep hearing new ideas, from different speakers and they all seem to offer similar ideas.  But every once in a while, they contradict each other.  So, who's right?

Then on the flight home, hopefully we sort through the ideas and try to develop a plan.  But Sports Center is on in the airport and I'm really kind of sleepy so the plan waits until I get home.  Then my attention turns to my kids who I haven't seen in a couple of days and they need homework help or I am late for this or that, and next thing you know I am at the office.  So I plan to go in early to sort through my Marriott note pad sheets with all the ideas but there are several "fires" that I need to put out before patients start.  And you know the rest of that story.

It is time for a new type of practice management conference. 

Times are changing and it is time for us to change with them.  For a practice management conference to truly work there has to be an inventive, modern method to tie it all together with what you are already working on.

We created the BluePrint™ about one year ago to give practices an affordable way to get an intense consulting program that involved the entire practice.  Very personal, very individual.  But what's missing from that model is the collaboration with others in your same situation.

So in comes the Executive Retreat which is designed to join the ideas with the vision  CE from speakers that are talented and proven, who still actively practice and deal with today's issues.  Not only do they live through the same issues you do, you will be able to show them your vision and let them help you incorporate the new ideas into a workable model just for you.  All by the warm comfort of the campfire.

It's about what works for you.

And every practice will be included in the BluePrint™ program and will have a strong handle on the current direction and plan of their practice. 

Truly, Mike