Google Sent Me a Note

I got a letter last week from Google.  In the mail!  Snail mail! Of all the organizations in the world, the last one that I thought would buy a stamp was Google.  I have read (and written) more articles than I care to remember on the subject of Social Media and Search Engine Optimization.

What could be so important that Google was mailing me?

Well it turns out that my credit card recently expired.  It was the card that Google has been billing monthly for my AdWords or AdWorks - whatever.  They asked many times by email if I would mind updating my information.  I waited, just wanting to see if they noticed.  They did.

My account was halted and we are no longer at the top of the list when people search for "glasses in Carrollton, GA."  I ignored several email requests to update my credit card information and I still have an inactive Google AdWords account.

So, Google sent me a very nice letter with a brochure telling me everything I have been missing since I became inactive with Google Ads.  The thoughtful letter reminds me that"prospective customers tend to search by topic and city (e.g. Eye Care Center Carrollton), in which case it is likely (my) business won't show up."

The included brochure is color, six pages and personalized in six different places.  It also has an attached credit card size coupon for Free Ad Credit.  My point is that this is not some simple little postcard with perforated edges.  It came in an envelope and probably required extra postage.  Not real fancy, but a relatively expensive piece of junk mail.

And not only did I read it, but I am STILL talking about it.

Another point - To use the coupon, I can go to the website listed on the brochure or I can call the 1-800 number.  You remember 1-800 numbers?

Here is the Final Point

By sending me this "expensive" sales piece, Google is showing that they understand the concept of Balanced Marketing.  Not all of their customers respond the same way.  There is certainly an immense and growing community of social media marketers and strategies.

The lesson is to not forget that your patients, and potential patients, all respond to marketing differently.  We still have to consider the telephone, snail mail and even the phone book.

My most effective marketing device remains t-shirts.  I am not sure if it is effective, but I like it.  If you come to Carrollton, I bet you will see one of our shirts, especially if you visit the schools.

This is the time of year we like to evaluate our Marketing Strategy.

Leadership OD developed a Marketing Calculator to help you find the right mix for your marketing dollars.  This will soon become a Member's Only tool, but is still available for you to use today.  Feel free to try it out.

If you want to see a funny movie about the old business world vs the new social media world, check out The Internship.  The star, Vince Vaughn denies it is a Google commercial, but I have to wonder.


The letter from Google says I can use my credit until the end of the month.  I'll think about it.  But maybe I will wait to see what's next.  Phone Call?  Sales Rep?  We'll see.

Have a great weekend, Mike

p.s. If you are interested in learning more about the Leadership OD Membership Program, email me.