Do you know this man?


I have worked with several offices who have experienced a burglary.  I have listened and counsoled, with empathy. With my best consultant voice, I always give good logical advice on cleaning up, moving on and taking steps to keeping this from happening again. 

I thought I understood, I didn't.

Like you, we have implemented security measures, but we don't review them enough: 

  • Our security system didn't work with our new VOIP phone system, so the police were never called.
  • Our cameras did capture the guy, but it was too dark to really see him.  
  • The exterior lights by the window he came through - were out.

We were lucky, no one was hurt and nothing was actually taken.  But a bad guy broke in, damaged our office and was messing with our stuff.  

We are all fine, but there is a feeling that I have and I think the entire staff shares.  I can't explain it.  It is a mix of anger, anxiety, remorse for not preventing it and a desire to get back at this guy.  The best word I have for this feeling is "rattled."  

I know all the logical things to do but I am not sure what to do about this "rattled-ness?" 

If you have ever been through this kind of thing before or if you have any insight, please advise me.   I sure would appreciate it.  

Thank you,