I am afraid.

"I’m afraid!  Alright? You want to hear me say it?  You want to break me down? Alright, I’m afraid!  For the first time in my life, I’m afraid.”

-Rocky Balboa on preparing to fight Clubber Lang, Rocky III

Fear is a powerful motivator.  Fear is used to sell us almost everything.  Watching tv commercials or flipping through magazine advertisements shows that a growing number of products are using fear to justify our need for their products.  Safety, health, financial security! Fear sells.  

But fear also paralyzes.  Being afraid is the most common reason that we don’t chase any given dream.  It keeps us from initiating conversations, beginning new ventures, or doing something to get out of our current situation.  

What do you want to do that you aren’t doing because you are afraid?  

So many OD’s want to add a specialty to their practice or invest in a new location, but don’t because of the fear that it won’t work out.  Others are being drained by an unfulfilling job and dream of doing something innovative and new, but can’t muster up the courage to leave the safety net of a steady paycheck.  

I have guided many practices through an expansion or start-up projects and have never seen anyone who was disappointed, even when it was a clear mistake. 

However, I have met a bunch who regretted never taking the chance.

I think that the first step to overcoming your fear is to admit to yourself, then to someone else, that it is holding you back.  It worked for Rocky, it works for us too. 

Want to share?
 I would love to hear what’s holding you back.  

I hope you and your family have a Happy Memorial Day weekend.


p.s. "You gotta get that look back, Rock.  Eye of the Tiger.  Come on, let's go." - Apollo