Debra Turco - Metrics Webinar

"What gets measured, gets done."  

Peter Drucker is often credited with this old business acumen, but my research is far less clear about who said it first.  Another variation of this wisdom is "If it can be measured, it can be managed." 

The point is that for a long time, we have known that consistent measurement of our business performance is critical to making it better.  If we want our practices to be more profitable, we must begin by measuring our profitability.  

One problem: For many of us, it is harder than it sounds.  We know we need to do this, we just aren't sure where to start.  While there are countless services that promise to make it easier for us, the fact is we usually just need a little help getting started.  

In this Featured Presentation, we have Debra Turco, who is the Office Operations Manager for a large, multi-doctor practice in Toronto.  Her practice is a member of Leadership OD and her input in our our small group discussions has been invaluable.  We were thrilled when she agreed to teach us how to really use metrics in managing practice performance.

In this presentation, Debra explains the importance and value of using metrics in the management of the practice.  In simple to understand details, she explains what information matters and how to get it.  Then she describes what to do with the information to make an actual difference in the practice.  

Please enjoy, 

p.s. If you want to see the oldest quote I could find about measuring your work,


Featured Presentation: 
Using Metrics to Grow Your Practice

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