"Personalized Building Blocks" are Revolutionary

"Personalized Building Blocks" Revealed at RevYou

At Leadership OD, we are always looking for new ways to keep us focused on what matters most.  In the BluePrint, we begin the program with a Vision Builder which is designed to help give you clear direction about your unique practice.  In the Building Blocks Membership program, each Block begins with a Vision Leader survey to ensure that each practice’s individual needs are met.  There is no “one-size fits all.”

RevolutionEHR holds an annual users meeting called RevYou for its community to connect, learn, and advance their knowledge of RevolutionEHR to enhance their practices. Prior to the meeting, they hold a bonus practice management workshop and this year, Leadership OD was asked to deliver an impactful message that would last.  

The workshop began with a summary of the Five Zones of Eye Care by Mike Rothschild. Then Mick Kling discussed the need for a Strong Financial Foundation, and Amir Khoshnevis delivered his signature message on Creating a Culture of Excellence. The attendees were then put to work to create a Block that was special and unique to them. 

Introducing the "Personalized Building Blocks"

Those in attendance at RevYou
were the first ones to see the Personalized Building Blocks in action.  The impact of customizing your own Block must be experienced to be fully understood.  It is a palpable experience that leaves the builder with a reminder of the overall vision of the practice.  The finalized block shows each zone with the Financial as the foundation that holds up the rest.  The most important aspects of each zone are decided by the builder and recorded directly on the Block, itself.

(Remember I said, it “must be experienced to be fully understood.”)

When finished, everyone had worked diligently on their Block which was not like anyone else’s.  For those in the same practice, big differences in the Blocks meant conflicting missions that need to be cleared up before they can move on.  For others, it clears up why we keep doing these things every day in the first place.  The Block is a clear reminder of the purpose of our practice.

The inside of the Block is a bit more personal.  While the outside is what you will project as a practice, the inside of the Block is dedicated to what you, personally will do (or stop doing) to make the practice all it can be.  The fact is that for our practices to be the best, each person that makes up the practice needs to be their best too.  This is your reminder to bring your best every day.

Completing the Blocks was thought provoking and fun because it had us moving around.  

Dr. Jodie Larson of Madison, South Dakota said, “I loved the box and the lectures. Very good, and makes you start thinking about what is really important for our practice, patients and staff. Thank you! Do the boxes at future lectures!”

Leadership OD Members will all use the Blocks in their own practice.

In October, the Leadership OD membership webinar will be an online “training session” with Mike Rothschild on how to utilize the Personalized Building Block with their staff.   He will review the method used to facilitate completion of the Block as a group and share his secrets to get people to open up. 

This will be followed by a Face2Face discussion about how it went in our practices.  Together we will improve the process each time. 

We also plan for the Personalized Building Blocks to be a big part of the Executive Retreat in San Diego this January.  Everyone will create their own Block and we will circle back to it throughout the meeting. We can't wait to see you all there!

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