Now Amir is Preaching

Dr. Amir Khoshnevis and I recently had a chance to catch up.  Amir is passionate about communications with patients and with all of the developments in how we communicate; he helps me understand how to stay in touch.

Review of Optometric Business just released a conversation I had with Amir about staying in touch.  Amir has always called me “The Reverend” due to my southern preacher method of delivering a message.  While he taught me a lot about staying in touch with patients, watch this video to see what I am able to teach Amir. 

Amir, and his practice partner Dave Lupinski, have also taught me a lot about maintaining high quality in the optical area of my practice. 
I have been involved in optometry since childhood and there has always been some “villain” who is trying to take away our business.  When I was a child, I remember my uncles complaining about Pearle Vision and now we are worried about Warby Parker. 
The fact is that since the beginning of business, there has always been someone who is looking for a way to do it better.  When someone is taking your business, it is simply because they have found a better way – at least for some of your “customers.”  So you can plop down and cry about it, or you can get to work. 


I say "Let's Get to Work"

Trust me when I tell you that your optical needs attention.  They all do.  We all neglect the optical from time to time.  It is usually ok for a while because we tend to put strong team members in the optical areas of our office that can keep us afloat for a while.  But the industry is changing so fast that we must stop from time to time to get a handle on it.

In the month of May, our Building Block will work to improve our performance in the optical. Leadership OD members will have an opportunity to focus on the optical in this month’s Building Block.  We will begin the Block with a webinar by Jennifer DaQuano from NuVue Optical in Charlotte.  She pioneered the methods used in this high end eyewear practice that sets the standard for the rest of us to strive toward.  Jennifer will share proven techniques to  implement strategies for long term success in the optical. 
To prepare for our Face2Face Block discussions, Vision Leaders and optical staff will receive short surveys to inquire about the issues most pressing in our opticals today and compare that to our goals.  After the Leadership OD team has compiled this information, we will meet online to bring it all together in a plan.

I always feel a sense of renewed energy in the Spring and this is no exception. I look forward to working with our members this month while we bring that energy into our optical.