Survey Results

We had a really high response rate to our survey.  There were some results that surprised me, but mostly my presumptions were confirmed.  
And our diversity of musical tastes were also confirmed.  At the end of this email you will see the winner for the Song of Summer.

First the surprise

Almost all (92%) of those who responded to the survey have already adopted EHR into their practices and most of them are not looking to change.  Of the 8% who responded they had not yet taken the plunge or are looking.  
I was surprised how high these numbers were.  Does it mean that subscribers to this newsletter are more likely to incorporate new technologies? Or is it that people who tend to reply to online surveys lean toward technologies?  Nonetheless - pretty cool!

3% of the responses came from Canada and Meaningful Use doesn't apply.  For the rest of us, 23% have no intention of following MU because it is “too much trouble.”  


Our Opportunity

The following results are where I think we have the biggest opportunities.  They are related to communications with our patients and their primary care physicians.  

How do we decide when to send reports to other doctors? After thorough analysis of the data, the answer is, “it depends".  But only 3% responded that they send reports to PCPs for “Almost all patients of a certain age.”


90% of us are interested in communicating with our patients directly through our EHR.  But when asked how we are doing, most of (58%) responded, “Not really - I can and want to, but don’t much.”  That says to me that many of us are under-utilizing one of the most powerful marketing tools in our practices.  

This is where I want to focus the continuation of this conversation.
We need to have some real conversation about getting the most out of all of this that we can. There are opportunities for better marketing and improvements to patient care.
But HOW do we capitalize?
We will be setting up some calls with our members to get a better take on what we are doing and what we can do.
Not a member of Leadership OD yet? Don't worry, we will share with you the results of our calls right here. But to make sure you contribute to the conversation, just join. It's easy and we would love to hear what you have to say.


And the Song of Summer

 Last year, it was very clear the winner would be a country song and last year’s winning song, “Cruise,” received two votes this year.  There were a handful of other country music votes, but not many.  We did get several votes for Beach Boys songs and tracks from the “Frozen” soundtrack.  


Some will be working on building their faith this summer with “We Believe” and “Strong Tower” getting some votes.  While others seem to have intentions to be a little naughty with a vote for “Talk Dirty to Me.”  There was one paying respects to our profession by choosing “I Can See Clearly Now” as their song of summer.  


The overall theme was fun, optimism and relaxation.    Votes for “So Happy We’re Together,” “Play It Again,” “Cruel Summer,” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”  There was even one for the Michael Jackson hit released posthumously, “Love Never Felt So Good.”

This year’s winner - There was only one song that received more than a handful of votes.  It supports the theme that most of our votes represent and will serve well as Leadership OD’s 2014 Song of Summer.  

“Happy” by Pharrell Williams.  

To coincide with the single release, the website was launched featuring a visual presentation of "Happy" advertised as being "the world's first 24 hour music video".


Happy Summer,


p.s. Members - be on the lookout for some upcoming calls about our new project.