Real. Comfortable. Jeans

If you are a football fan, you know that when your teams are having a bad year you like to think about other things.  Well, my teams are not winning this year so I am paying more attention to the commercials.

I like tv commercials.  I like to study them and think about how much money they cost, the psychology of the message and the trends in marketing they reflect. Lately, I have been wondering about mottos or slogans of companies. My favorite has always been, “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

I am noticing simplicity in these slogans to say what the company is trying to sell.  I find myself captivated by the ongoing series of commercials by Wrangler. If you have a man in your house, you have seen these commercials over the last couple of years. Their slogan is simply, “Real. Comfortable. Jeans.”  

The beauty of this slogan is that each word stands alone to describe the product. These jeans are real, these jeans are comfortable and these jeans are jeans. But they also can describe the jeans as “real comfortable.” It’s genius!

Another company using the same technique is Belk.  Their slogan is“Modern.Southern.Style.”  

If you were to describe your practice in just three words, what would they be?  

Breaking down your practice to its core elements is a valuable exercise.  It is easy to remember when opportunities arise that may not be a perfect fit for you. It helps communicate the vision of the practice you are building.  

Take a few moments and put down the best three words that describe the practice you are building.  Share your three words with us here.

I will share the results next week.


p.s. I may take the Belk one for my own.  

Jessica WilsonComment