Three Words. Results.

The Results are In.

Last week, I sent you a message, asking you to share the 3 words that best described the practice you are building.  The response was great and this exercise generated a lot of thought-provoking conversation.  

The image that you see above is a word cloud of all the words from your responses.  The larger words were included the most often.  

We were forced to remove some profanities from some of our members that must be going through a tough time right now.
Dr. Kerry Salsberg in Toronto stepped it up a notch.  He put his 3 words to video to very clearly demonstrate what he and his practice are all about.  


So What?

This exercise helps you hone in on what truly matters to you and your practice.  It allows you to focus on work that makes a difference and helps you stop getting distracted by things that don't.  

At the Executive Retreat, we will use this as a starting point and build on it to show you how to have a meaningful impact on your team.  


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