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Leadership OD is more focused on meeting your needs than we are any particular product or service, but below are some of our most popular.

Customized Consultation Package
from 750.00

Project Package is designed to help you and your team implement any big “project” that requires planning and coordination. Whether it is a staff retreat, an overhaul of the optical or a new staff orientation program - we will schedule a planning call and a follow up call to assure maximum results. ($750)

Retreat Package is the specialty of Leadership OD. Two preparatory calls give an overall analysis of the practice as well as the vision of you, the practice leader. Together, we will develop a plan for the retreat to include the agenda, location and expected results. A follow up call with review the results and create an implementation plan. ($2,445)

On-Site Package include an onsite visit from a member of the Leadership OD team. Ideally, the visit will include time observing the office in action and meeting time with the entire team. This package offers the ultimate in flexibility and impact. ($4.995. Travel expenses will be invoice after the actual visit.)

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Building Blocks

The Building Blocks include organized delivery of our most successful programs designed to engage your entire team and get results.

We combine messages from experts in the field, survey Vision Leaders of the practice about goals in that area, and lead several small group discussions with staff members who are on the front line, every day. It will all be recorded and delivered to you to be reviewed whenever you need it. 

Learn more about Leadership OD's Building Blocks.

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Personality Profile Package
from 99.00

Utilizing the CPI 260 personality tests and consultation with our staff, we can paint a very clear picture of the strengths and talents of your team. This can be used to assure everyone is in the best position for themselves and for the team.

Save by profiling the entire team...:
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45 Minute Consulting Phone Call

When you purchase a consulting call, a member of the Leadership OD staff will contact you to schedule a time that works with you. Before the call, we will ask a few questions about what's on your mind, so we can match you with our consultant who can best serve your needs.

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Online Event Archives

We feature great presentations on a variety of topics that affect all of our practices.


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