Customized Consultation Package

Customized Consultation Package

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Leadership OD members have access to our consultation team for customizable consultation packages that include a specific plan of action to conquer any intense, outstanding issue.

Using video camera in office, questionnaires and online interveiws - we can be creating in finding solutions.

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Project Package is designed to help you and your team implement any big “project” that requires planning and coordination. Whether it is a staff retreat, an overhaul of the optical or a new staff orientation program - we will schedule a planning call and a follow up call to assure maximum results.

Retreat Package is the specialty of Leadership OD. Two preparatory calls give an overall analysis of the practice as well as the vision of you, the practice leader. Together, we will develop a plan for the retreat to include the agenda, location and expected results. A follow up call with review the results and create an implementation plan.

On-Site Package include an onsite visit from a member of the Leadership OD team. Ideally, the visit will include time observing the office in action and meeting time with the entire team. This package offers the ultimate in flexibility and impact. (Travel expenses will be invoice after the actual visit.)