Events & Workshops

The fire that ignites inside of us and pushes us to the next level always comes from time spent together.

Executive Retreat

Leadership OD's signature event is held annually in January.


Our team of speakers enjoy working together and can coordinate presentations to compliment one another. This allows us to deliver content in a manner that is both meaningful and fun that is unmatched in the industry. We can provide complete content for any practice management seminar for 1 - 3 days in length Hassle Free.

Lectures for CE events

We have an extensive list of COPE-approved lectures.

"Eye-to-Eye" Dedicated Consulting

Sometimes your unique challenge requires a unique solution.

Phone Calls

Through our membership portal, you can have direct access to schedule calls with any of our consultants. These calls are available in 15 and 45 minute increments.

"Next Level" Consulting

We offer "Next Level" consultation packages. This is always personalized and focused on a particular project or major challenge with you or your practice.

On-Site Consulting

Nothing compares to seeing the practice in action. We can travel to a member's practice to directly observe the practice operations, participate in team building retreats and get the team to buy in to the overall plan and direction of the practice. 

Long Term Coaching

  • Scheduled one-on-one phone calls

  • Goal setting and Monitoring

  • Regular data and metric analysis

  • Online Reporting System

  • "Special Access" to all consultants

Powered by Leadership OD

Partnering with corporate partners looking for innovative ways to connect with their clients.

Leadership OD has a unique ability to create solutions to communicate messages in a unique manner that increases attention. Today's customer is intuitive and creative. They are bombarded with messaging constantly and are frankly distracted.

Capturing that attention long enough to get a message across is where we strive. By using interactive technology with a variety of input methods, we are able to design tools for training, sales and data analysis to fuel any program.

Contact us for more details.

Video Update from our founder, Dr. Mike Rothschild……

The mission is simply to help you stay in touch with someone else who “gets it”.