Leadership OD Executive Retreat

San Diego - Paradise Point Resort

 January 28-29, 2016

2016 Executive Retreat Overview

We are all the same, but different

The Executive Retreat from Leadership OD just wrapped up and many are saying it was the best one yet.  While this event followed the same model that we have always used, some unique themes emerged and were build upon.

We had every type of practice represented: large and small, brand new startups and long established practices, practices doing everything right and others really needing a new direction.  The glue that kept us all together was the commitment to being better.

We always begin the conversation at the Welcome Reception. This is where we begin to get "real" with each other.  Everyone is able to share what is going on at home and what they hope to gain from the event.  We noticed during the first few minutes that we kept hearing, "The same thing is going on in my practice, but it's a little different."  At that point, we had a theme for the event.

The Five Zones - The structured event began with a recap of the Five Zones that bond all eye care practices - "The Same".  There are Five Zones in every practice that can be translated to five drivers of any business.  

The Building Blocks - This is where we explored what is different about all that makes us the same.  Each zone has traits that set us apart from each other and our competitors - "The Different".  The personalized Building Blocks pulled it out of us.

The Take Home Sheets - Each participant was able to take home enough blank Building Block sheets for their entire team.  Along with the instructional guide, they can capture the view of everyone on the team.

Ted's Webinar - After a tough day's work, we were able to relax as we broadcast a webinar LIVE from the event.  Dr. Ted McElroy stirred the live and online audience with his Making Work Matter presentation.  Many said it was the highlight of the event.  Our members will be receiving a recording of this webinar soon.

Backstage Pass - Dr. Kling's band, Backstage Pass performed an outdoor concert to cap off a great day.  They gave into pressure from the crowd and played the Song of Summer from 2013, "Cruise."

Our format encourages dialogue between all participants—lecturer and participant alike. We will blend physical activity with education to dramatically improve retention and motivation to make change happen. Also included in our program, so that you can work on what you learn: The Leadership OD BluePrint™ program. This will prove invaluable as you engage your entire practice in making positive change happen.
— Mike Rothschild, OD, Founder, Leadership OD

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